Alan Gardner and Jude

I have been doing agility competition since 1982. In that time I have seen many changes as agility moved from a fun event for obedience / working trial dogs to the fastest growing dog sport in the UK, to a fully international sport. 


ASSVAP logoI am a qualified Veterinary physiotherapist, PgD A. Phys, gaining my 'Distinction' award from the Animal College of Physiotherapy (TCAP) in September 2015.  My dissertation was ‘Ultrasound and manual therapy in the treatment of canine hamstring tendinopathy’. 

I have also studied extensively on the use of long-wave ultrasound for the treatment of acute and chronic canine soft tissue injuries, PEMF as an alternative to electrical stimulation and varying the LASER frequencies for the treatment of soft tissue injuries.

Additionally I have been practicing in improving physical performance in agility dogs, iliopsoas, hamstring and shoulder strains in performance dogs and electrotherapy for the treatment of canine DJD (osteoarthritis).

I am now available for consultations and treatments. It is with great pleasure that I can now announce that I will practice at the Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy centre near Nuneaton. This is one of the best equipped physio and hydro centers in the UK and includes the latest ‘fitfurlife’ treadmill based gait analysis.



Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy


Behaviourist and Trainer

Training has kept pace and today the science, theory and training methods applied to achieving fast jumping, weaves and contacts would be unrecognisable to most of the agility pioneers!

So to keep up to date and improve my understanding of dog training and behaviour, I studied dog psychology and agression and was voted top student (2012).

Using this knowledge, coupled with my experience in competitive agility, really helps when teaching competition classes at SmartPaws.


My Agility Career

I started with my X-breed Tizzy (small). She actually achieved Senior status over full height jumps. I then had Yosser my GSD who made Advanced. Robbie was my first Border Collie followed by Jamie, Joe, Matty, Jude and Jaidi.

Today Jude (Ag. Ch. Touchango Again Girl) and Jaidi (Indiestorm Virtuoso Boy) are my competition dogs. Jude has taken us on a fantastic journey which includes 7 consectutive years at Crufts, 5 times at Olympia, Champion status (6 tickets) and 5 time member of the GB team in:

Agility Champion Touchango Again Girl

  • 2007 - 2nd Overall Medium Team,  FCI World Championship, Norway
  • 2008 - FCI World Championship, Finland
  • 2009 - FCI World Championship, Austria
  • 2010 - FCI Euro Championship, Czech Republic, Highest placed UK Medium dog
  • 2012 - 3rd Agility Medium Team, FCI World Championship, Czech Republic