Jackie Gardner - Head Trainer

(Jackie with Bertie)Jackie has been training dogs for over 30 years. She started training dogs with her dad, when the family purchased a very handsome GSD called Max and then another called Tess. Jackie started training Tess in obedience, but then she decided at the grand old age of 14 that it was time she had her own dog. So along Came Gemma (Kentygern Kracker) and what a Kracker she turned out to be, and how grateful I am to her for teaching me the ropes of dog training. Such a star.

Jackie judges all Levels of Agility competition and was one of the first ever Championship Judges. Jackie has been chosen to judge many final. Jackie has also trained for other clubs including Dordale Agility Club, Packington Agility and Worcester Agility Society. Jackie is also available for Training days. Plus as a Kennel Club Judges Trainer. Jackie is also available to run training seminars for prospective new judges, and is willing to travel to other club if needed. Jackie is also and Kennel Club measurer, plus she is the current Kennel Club Midlands Liaison representative.

Jackie's Dogs

Gemma (Kentygern Kracker) - Jackie started competing with Gemma in obedience competitions, and won many awards with her including winning from beginners to 'C' only. Also helping Jackie win many Junior handler awards. Gemma and Jackie also appeared together on TV 'That's My Dog' Winning the series, but then sadly Gemma got ill and had to have lots of operations which prevented her from sitting straight, so her obedience days were ended short. But she was such a good dog Jackie decided to give her a try at Agility to which she also proved very talented again winning through the grade to the top class of the day, which was Seniors and also winning many awards and competing in lots of finals. Jackie and Gemma also appeared on ITV's "That's my Dog" where they won the series, gaining £500 for charity. They were then chosen to represent the North of England on BBC's "Super Dogs" as the obedience specialists, and also competing in the Agility which they won.

Todd (Detania Luncie Todd) - Jackie bought Todd when she had to retire Gemma early because of all the operations she had took their toll. Todd was a rush buy and he was not the dog any sensible person would choose, but he was such a sorry state when she went to see him, that she couldn't leave him. His first few weeks were touch and go, and Alan had to syringe liquid down him every hour to keep him alive, even though the vet had said that Todd would not make it, he pulled through and became a Top Agility Dog. He competed at all the Agility finals of the day winning the Dogs in Need Final. But he was probably better known for his achievements in the Pairs competitions with Alan's Robbie, as together these dogs were very hard to beat.

Danny (Danny Boy) - Jackie bought Danny from her friend Karen Smith (Touchango Agility Dogs). Jackie had always loved Karen's dog Missy, and when Karen said she was going to breed from her Jackie couldn't resist. When the litter were born they were so cute Alan also decided to have a puppy, so they came away with Danny and Jamie. Danny and Jamie were such special sweet dogs and they loved each other and everyone else. They both won through the grades to Advanced, again the top class of the day. Both competed at all the major finals. Sadly Danny was competing at Daventry show, when he collapsed and died at the vets he was rushed him to, from cancer of the liver. Such a sad sad loss, In his short life Danny won many achievements, and in his last year of life he competed at Crufts and Olympia and won Derbyshire Agility Show Dog of the Show.

Glen (Touchango Glen Boy) - Glen was bred from our own Joe Boy and was such a super dog to own. Jackie got very upset when she first started competing with him, as he won straight out of Novice and into Seniors, as she wanted a chance to qualify for the new Novice competitions, as she felt that he'd have an excellent chance of winning as he was so good. So as a partnership they entered the Dogs In Need Senior Qualifiers, Made the final and then won the final. This was the start of an amazing partnership for this pair. They then went on to compete in the Senior Finals at Olympia, winning the pairs, qualifying to compete in Championship classes. Plus they were chosen to represent Team England in Norway, they also competed in Europe as part of a group who were the first ever handlers and dogs to travel as part of the Pet Passport Scheme. Where they were part of the winning team and pairs competitions.

Tom (Borderstorm Tom Boy) - Tom again has turned out to be an amazing dog. Although very hard work to start with (Jackie seriously thought he would never do agility) Jackie worked so hard with him and he turned out to be an agility superstar. Tom worked his way up to Championship in his first year, and has competed at all the major final. He has also competed in Europe and represented his country as part of Team GB at the agility World Championships, where he had a stunning clear round in his individual jumping run, and also won a Bronze as part of the Large dog team.

Del (Glenson Del Boy) - Del is Jackie's current competing dog. He is the son of Jackie's Glen and is so like him in his gentle nature. Again Del won up to Championship in his first year of competing and despite the fact that Jackie has some serious health issues over the lasr few years, Del still manages to qualify for final. When competing in Championship classes is a regular in the finals and was the winner of the 2012 Adams Jumping Final (Even with Jackie suffering from hamstring problems) Del has sadly suffered a few problems himself including being run over, but his character is such that like Jackie he wants to compete and loves his agility. Del is also the dad and granddad of many Agility Dogs including Jackie's youngster Bertie.

Bertie (Jacirra Bertie Boy) - Bertie is Jackie's newest dog. He is not old enough to compete yet, but he is showing lots of potential. Jackie has been doing some basic obedience and clicker training with him, plus lots of foundation work.